don’t panic!

11 07 2008

For those who have read it, you will recognize this as the warning on the cover of the classic Douglas Adams novel “The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy”. You may recall that there was a movie adaptation of this book several years ago, but it was not able to really capture the comedic value of this work of genius. This could be my favorite book of all time. Not because it is an amazing storyline, or that I relate to the characters, or that that I get some sort of deeper understanding of what is truly important in life when I read it. It simply is funny! Hilariously funny.  Other than the awkward pronunciation of some made up space terms, it is a very quick read. There are actually five books total in the series, which Adams refers to as the “Trilogy” (just an insight into his sense of humor) and all of them will make you laugh out loud at some point. And don’t worry about this book being too sci-fi for your tastes. Yes it is about space, but not in a Battlestar Galactica sort of way.  If you are in need of a quick, easy going, and humorous read, then I highly recommend this book.