to eat or not to eat…fish that is…

14 07 2008

If you are like me, you love a nice piece of fish, but you are also confused about what fish to eat. I am always hearing stories about how certain types of fish are endangered or are freakishly close to extinction, but somehow still manage to make it into the Chef’s special catch of the day on the menu. As much as I like fresh fish, I don’t feel like being responsible for the downfall of the swordfish or bluefin tuna. But you are not always doing the environment a favor by eating farmed species either, such as salmon. Many of these fish have been genetically modified to flourish in the fish farms, but they often escape back into the wild and weaken the natural wild fish stocks, disrupting the natural ecosystem. So just how are we supposed to know what to eat and what not to eat? Check out this handy guide from the . You can even print out a wallet sized version to carry with you, so that you can make the best selection (for you and the environment) when it comes time to order.


take olive oil to another level…

9 07 2008

…by infusing it with basil. I had never heard of this before and I know that some of you cooking purists will think that this is blasphemous, but it tastes amazing (I love basil by the way, so you may not be as enthralled as I am).  Infusing sounds like it is hard to do, but this is actually quite simple to make. First take 4 cups of fresh packed basil leaves and toss them into your blender. Then add 2 cups of your favorite virgin olive oil and puree the two until you have a nice smooth consistency. Next simmer the oil in a saucepan for roughly 45 seconds. Now strain your hot concoction (be sure to use a fine metal mesh strainer) into a bowl and let it chill out for a couple of hours. Once it has thoroughly cooled off, you can pour your oil into an airtight bottle or jar, but be sure to not pour in the basil bits that have collected on the bottom of the bowl. Now you have a delicious basil infused olive oil for cooking, marinating, and dipping.