Breast Cancer Research Foundation…get involved.

8 07 2008

Coming from a family of three breast cancer survivors (Grandma, Mom, and Cousin) I am a huge advocate for breast cancer research. My mother had breast cancer twice and survived (something that many can’t say) mainly because they were able to detect the cancer at its earliest stage. Without foundations, such as the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, many women would not be alive today. This foundation in particular is rated at the top of its class. Approximately 85 cents to each dollar goes to research and awareness and they received Charity Navigators highest rating. More on that here. Whether you donate money, walk in the Avon 3-Day walk, or just take the time to learn more about early detection…please do something. Every little bit helps.



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8 07 2008


Check this out:

Avanoo is a startup that is helping to make the world better by letting people use a new support channel- web presence. Web users can go to get a badge for a cause and start raising awareness and donations 24/7 effortlessly. And each time one of these badge is clicked, a donation is made to the nonprofit organization on the badge. If you could put a badge on you blog or write about this growing movement, you would be helping to make the world a better place!



9 07 2008

A good site for your Canadian readership is which is the site for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

We are all connected by the cause, by mothers, sisters, and friends. Get aware and get active with the cause.

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